Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The next time you know someone who just had his first baby and you want to ask a question like, "so how does it feel to be a father?"- just wait a little while. Wait until after the first few sleepless nights and diaper changes. Maybe he'll have a better idea by then.

The answer: "Tired".

Or maybe you want to ask after the moment that the little stinker opens her eyes and seems to take in her surroundings for the first time. She can only see about a foot in front of her, so she'll gaze at your face incessantly before falling asleep/crying for mommy.

I still don't know how to answer the question in that case. Just look at the picture. See what I'm talking about?

There are some things that I have learned within these first few days with my daughter.

People don't grow up just because they grow older. It's the experiences we have and hardships that we endure that make us better people. People have an amazing ability to live up to expectations. Nowhere are these expectations greater than in the eyes of a child who looks to you for all aspects of her livelihood. Generation after generation of us have risen up to the challenge and everyone has benefited as a result. I suppose it's my turn now.

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