Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My eight year old brother-in-law's 'Spongebob Squarepants' watching has made me nostalgic for old cartoons of my childhood. If only I could find a single episode of 'loony tunes' on TV somewhere.

But now that 'loony tunes' is off the tube, there are some questions that I find myself asking- like "where are kids these days going to get the introduction to classical music that I had?" 'Loony Tunes' was how kids of my generation got to hear great pieces like Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" and Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrie". Of course, I learned them under the titles "Shot-by-Cupid's-arrow Theme" and "Kill the Wabbit", but I learned them nonetheless. When I just got started listening to classical music, it was nice to hear something familiar. Kids these days don't even recognize these pieces.

Of course, 'loony tunes' is considered by today's standards to be too 'violent'. But to put things in perspective, lets look at a cartoon that is readily watched by kids on TV today called Pokemon.

So, the basic idea behind Pokemon is that a bunch of kids go romping through the woods in search of certain creatures. When they find a creature they want, they beat it up, and trap it inside a tiny ball- where it will stay night and day for just about the remainder of its life. In fact, the only time these creatures are allowed to come out is when they are forced to battle each other for the praise of their owners.

Wow. That sounds like an activity that Micheal Vick would find enjoyable. I'm surprised PETA isn't more involved.

Okay, so maybe my point isn't that clear, but here's what I think: Let's not get into a tizzy fit over what kids watch on TV. Seeing some cartoonish violence isn't nearly as harmful as the effects of being ignored and inactive for long periods of time. Give them attention and something to do with their time, and your kids'll be just fine.

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